Getting to the Land of the Free

Saturday, June 20, 2015

For the first couple of days of our America trip, Ari and I were severely jet lagged so we didn't do anything too exciting. We mostly just did wedding admin, explored our local surrounds on foot and tried to satisfy cravings for authentic ethnic food that are impossible to find in Bahrain.

We were so grateful to have even arrived in the States given on route to the airport in Bahrain we found out that our flight was cancelled while we tried to check in online. Can you believe that neither of us got any notification? No phone call, text message or email... Nothing! Thanks United Airlines.

Bahrain International Airport is not a big airport by any means and the likelihood of getting another flight out that night were pretty slim but we decided to continue to the airport anyway. The next scheduled flight with United was in a weeks time! While I sat dumbfounded and enraged that we weren't contacted, Ari called the airline to see if we could be put on a partnered airline flight. Much to our surprise, we were booked on a Lufthansa flight departing just an hour later, final destination Los Angeles. Thanks goodness!

And even though it was a stale old plane with a bunch of crying babies and an hour delay on the tarmac with the fan on but no air con, we couldn't be more relieved to be on it.

Nothing better than a huge bowl of pho and Vietnamese coffee.

Enjoying afternoon cocktails from Mixology 101 at The Grove.

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