Heritage for Henna

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I visited the above Henna studio during my day in Dubai at Souk Al Bahar next to Dubai mall. A souk is like an indoor market with the local products like perfumes and incense, fabrics, trinkets etc. Henna is more or less a temporary tattoo derived originally from the leaves of the Henna plant which is used to dye the skin.

Those who know me well enough know I am a huge enthusiast and advocate for body art. I believe it's a beautiful form of self expression and (generally) a representation of something that has meaning to you that is meant to be everlasting. Even when people change and don't relate anymore, it is a reminder of something that was once important to them. I just had to get me some henna body art! :)
Linda getting a Henna tattoo at Heritage for Henna, Dubai.

Basically, the process is as easy and painless as squeezing paint from a tube onto the skin. The design took about 5 minutes to do, then you wait 40 minutes for the henna to dry and they peel off any excess. Black henna lasts about 12 days and brown henna about 7 days, I got a mixed henna. And the result? Ta-dah! lol I got Ari's name added so that I could represent my man (for a little while) :)

The finished product.

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