What is Today Again?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Relearning the days of the week is not fun! The world is an upside down, inside out place when the weekend is no longer Saturday and Sunday. Just think "TGI Friday" has no meaning here! One of the major pitfalls so far is adjusting to what we know as the weekend and depending on where we are it changes too. I've created a diagram below to illustrate for those who are more graphically minded :)

The weekend.

Ari and I keep getting into looping conversations about what day it is and what it actually means to be say that day. For example, Thursday is Saturday in Saudi, Saturday being the start of the weekend and Thursday is Friday, as in the end of the working week in Bahrain lol...

In Saudi Arabia, where Ari will work, the weekend is Thursday and Friday which means "Friday night drinks" is on Wednesday but that's not applicable in Saudi anyway since alcohol is illegal.

In Bahrain, which is where we live, the weekend is Friday and Saturday, so the start of the working week for me when I commence work will be Sunday. Still following? Basically it is really crummy because Ari and I will only get Friday to spend together :(

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