Driving Like a Douche

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Now urban dictionary has many hilarious meanings for the word douche/douche bag. I just refer to it as any common idiot and/or idiotic behavioural tendencies i.e. my brother sometimes or rather most of the time.. Oh! I digress, the point I am trying to make is, there are plenty of douche bag drivers in Bahrain.

A douche bag driver is one who speeds up in their lane after you indicate to merge into it. A douche bag driver also doesn't know how to use indicators (a serious problem approaching round abouts!). A douche bag driver likes to swerve into the turning only lane to cut you off 5m later at the intersection. A douche bag driver toots their horn at you just as the lights go green if your foot is still momentary on the brake.

Douche bag drivers double park when possible, park on the corner (like literally where the bend is) when plausible, park in round abouts and park on the freeway when cars are going 100 km/h plus! And they tend to double park in like rows of 4 or 5 cars taking up 6 to 7 car park spaces. I don't get it!

Ari and I have seen all these things in Bahrain already, lucky for them Ari is a patient, courteous and cautious driver and always behind the wheel (I haven't driven yet). The inner road rage-ist in me would go crazy on the horn, mental at their faces and totally postal on their cars - be it all in my head of course.

Ari double parking to assimilate with the locals :)

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