We've Got Mail!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Look what arrived in the post for us today! A pretty invite from Australia for a wedding we'll regrettably be unable to attend. Best wishes though to Susan and Jester, we are delighted for you both and send buckets loads of love :)

Now this finally solves the mystery as to whether or not we actually receive mail in Bahrain. Ari and I weren't sure because unlike in Australia there aren't red postal boxes on the curb in every suburb, the aren't posties wearing high vis on scooters zooming around, we don't even have a letter box! They just don't exist in Bahrain. Our conclusion is the island is so small that you could really drive across it in 30 minutes to personally deliver anything, so why bother having a postal system.
Now for the bigger test though, to see whether we can send letters off this island. Be on the look out for our RSVP! Plus, if anyone wants to be my penpal, I'd be more than happy to oblige. I have a love for postcards, just ask Cathleen who I went to New Zealand with, she'll vouch for me. I sent Ari a postcard a day for a fortnight detailing my trip. Good times.

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