Milk Crate Madness

Monday, February 20, 2012

A tribute to James and Tara, whom have set off on their seven month round the world adventure. Good luck guys, we're looking forward to seeing you both!

A long long time ago, one of our friends (who shall remain nameless) incurred a horrendous gash on said friend's chin. When we quized them about it, they said that it happened because they unknowingly walked into a pole. And we quized them about how that happened, they said it was because they got distracted by some milk crate art! lol

A snippet of our milk crate gallery.

And from that day forth, we would forward our above mentioned friend random pictures of milk crates, wherever we found them, to warn them of the great dangers that lurked around us in the form of milk crates. And to this day, I still get (quite shamefully) overly excited when I spot one. The first time we saw one in Bahrain, I almost made Ari get into an accident because I stupidly grabbed his steering arm while yelling and pointing in the direction of the crates.

Also, if you're ever driving down Smithfield Rd, Flemington area, (between Shell petrol station and the Maribyrnong river bridge) be on the look out for this chilled out fellow. He always made me smile on the way to and from work but be careful not to stack it! :)

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  1. Thanks Lindari for your well wishes!
    I'm yet to see any Argentinian milk crates, but will send you a photo which you can add to your collection when I find them.
    Tara & I will also be writing a blog of our adventures:
    Take care guys, see you in about 6 months...