Doppleganger Linda

Friday, February 24, 2012

The strangest and funniest thing happened yesterday afternoon whilst Ari and I were leaving our property manager’s office.

We were sitting in the car waiting for the guard man to open the gate when a little Asian boy about 2 years old came running and crying towards my door. He was so little I could only see the top of his tiny head with my window shut, so I started putting the window down only to hear his nanny yelling “not mummy, not mummy!” amongst his crying and screams of “mummy!”.

His nanny lifted him up to my window and as soon as he saw my face he stopped crying. Oh, the poor dear had mistaken me for his mother! By this stage, the commotion had gotten the attention of the guard man, gardeners and the other children along with Ari and me – everyone was in complete hysterics.

My conclusion, this little child is quite possibly the youngest baby faced racist I’ve ever encountered, my case in point is that all Asians look the same! So many giggles… :) I asked Ari if we could keep him, such a cute little boy! He said no.

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