When in Rome

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Being in Rome, we could literally say "when in Rome..." then comically insert any activity of our choosing regardless of how ridiculous, like for example having pizza and beer for breakfast, when in Rome :)

Ari enjoying a slice with the local brew, Peroni.

Day two in Rome was a colossal day, one due to the fact we visited the Colosseum and two because we jam packed in all the other historical attractions of Rome in one epic walking tour of the city.

Ari and Linda with ancient Roman ruins.

It was a surreal experience roaming the streets and have to your left and right remnants of buildings and structures dating over two thousand years old. All I could remember thinking was how skewed my concept of time is and how insignificant our lifetimes are when compared to the plight of civilisation.

And then a tram... 

This is significant since living in Bahrain we've been pretty much tram-less but more significant because Ari in his hasty excitement of documenting this profoundly important moment in time basically punched me in the face while attempting to drag me into the shot. It actually hurt Ari, as much as I claimed it didn't so that you wouldn't feel bad :) It's literally like Troy Barnes says, “First time I got punched in the face, I was like, 'Oh no!' but then I was like, 'This is a story'.” lol

The Altar of the Fatherland (also known as National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II).

Overlooking the Roman Forum.

The ancient ruins of what was once the "town square" of Rome.

We booked a group tour of the Colosseum which turned out to be a private tour since there was no one else. Thankfully, guided tours are allowed to skip the public access queue which we were told could take several hours, given it was still before peak season it wasn't packed but still very busy.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get picture perfects shots since the Colosseum was undergoing restoration, still, it was beyond impressive just being there.

Ari and Linda in the Colosseum.

I'm not sure you can tell it's the inside of the Colosseum without having either been there or previously seen it. I certainly would not have known.

I've never stopped to think about what the Colosseum looked like on the inside. It's actually more round and less oval than the panoramic photo suggests. It's astounding that a structure so old can still be (relatively) in tact twenty centuries later, completely incomprehensible given that I used to think that my 94 Civic was ancient :)

This is what the sophisticated public toilet system looked like back in the day, don't mind me as I do my pretend business!

After the Colosseum, we went to explore the Roman Forum ourselves but were getting somewhat weary from the walking. We tried to be the best tourists we could and took photos with everything, even the buildings we knew nothing about and the ones we couldn't pronounce.
Linda in front of an ancient building with columns.

Ari with old ruins and greenery.

Linda and the universal symbol for being a tourist.

We eventually got to a look out point and enjoyed the view of modern day Rome.

Ari doing his best 'looking into the distance' stare or maybe this could have been candid... I'm not entirely sure :)

Ari and the Altar of the Fatherland as we head back for something to eat.

By this stage my feet had had enough of the walking and the soles of my flats had deteriorated beyond recognition. Walking is somewhat of a novelty in Bahrain, we rarely do it given the heat and the non existent footpaths. This coupled with my poor choice in footwear and ergh the pain! Poor Ari endured my incessant complaining like a good boyfriend, spare a thought for me though because I did get punched early in the day and didn't whinge then lol

Enjoying a well deserved (and extended) sit down for dinner at Piazza Navona.

Sort of like Lygon Street but more authentic. Actually, the couple sitting beside us were also from Melbourne proving the world is such a terribly small place.

Dinner is never complete without Tiramisu.

After dinner we wandered home past the Pantheon which boasts the largest dome structure of its time but were too tired to give it the proper appreciation it required. What a huge day!

The only photo we have proving we visited the Pantheon.

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