The Proposal!

Friday, December 20, 2013

I was intending to blog about our trip in chronological order but by popular demand the proposal will have to come first. To set the scene, Ari and I had been travelling around Italy for nearly three weeks before arriving in Venice experiencing amazing culture, famous art, rich history and oh so exquisite food. Everything was charming and oozing with romance, he had basically primed me for this perfect moment to propose.

Here's us cruising along the Grand Canal in a gondola in front of the Ponte Rialto with our gondolier serenading us in the background moments before Ari proposed. Romance meter is off the charts! :)

Up to this point, Ari had made me believe that he never wanted to get married. In Ari's words, he never explicitly stated this, I fashioned the idea of never getting married all on my own. For a whole year I was "inceptioned" to think this scenario was a long way away for us.  For a whole year, every time I attempted to bring up the topic of marriage I was quickly shut down or Ari would employ some military style interrogation aversion technique, even a simple "hey, look over there" would work as I'm flawed with being very easily distracted and gullible. Boys, if you need advice as to how to get your woman off your back about the "M" word, Ari is a black belt world champion at this.

I would eventually come to the conclusion that it wasn't on the cards for us and in my wallowing misery would complain to every girlfriend, family member (both mine and his), defenseless animals, inanimate objects... Basically any one/thing who cared to listen lol

So, needless to say I had no idea what was coming my way. For me it was just another beautiful Italian experience being shared with my most favourite person in the whole world, for Ari I believe there was some serious calculation and nerves involved as to the when, where and how of it all. As we were docking from our wonderfully romantic gondola ride, Ari handed the gondolier our camera for what I assumed was one last photo before we disembarked. To my complete shock, this happened...

Video of Ari proposing to Linda. The audio is pretty poor up to the point the gondolier catches on to what's unfolding before him so I captioned it. And it's also cut off before Ari gets the ring on but let me assure you that he does get the ring on!
The absolutely stunning diamond ring that Ari proposed to me with. For the ladies, it's a classic brilliant cut diamond on a single seat, four claw platinum bespoke setting with personalised engraving. He very bravely and boldly chose the perfect ring for me, how could you not say yes!

We're engaged! Now, there is some dispute between Ari and myself as to whether or not I cried a sufficient amount as he proposed. He seems to think I didn't turn the water works up enough lol

And this was what came my way :)

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  1. Awesome peeps. Just awesome. To a long beautiful lifelong friendship with at least a few greeknamese babies as well. Mazeltov to you both.

    Big M