No Double Bouncies!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

School holidays were upon us when Ari and I were in Melbourne, so we got to spend quality time with my darling niece Jasmine and cousin Phoenix doing fun stuff. They've both turned the big one zero but thankfully still think we’re cool enough to hang out with so we took them to Bounce Inc in Glen Iris.

Being a big kid myself, I was very much looking forward to Bounce Inc and had heard great things. The idea of jumping around in what I was described to as a trampoline skate park on steroids was super appealing, I could barely contain my excitement so I booked the family into the first available session at 10pm on a Saturday night, my mum included.

 Special issue bounce socks for improved trampoline grip and bouncing mayhem.

Three words... SO MUCH FUN! I was expecting it to be really good but it was so awesome that I didn't want to go home. I was surprised at how difficult it actually was to trampoline, although being as uncoordinated as I am I should have known better. Bend your knees, use your body mass to create momentum, leverage the springiness of the trampoline to make yourself airborne, keep jumping until tired, consider stopping, attempt to stop with grace… Face plant lol

Oh the copious amounts of face planting, not just from me but everyone else around me too. There is a thrilling element of danger with trampolining as I almost put my shoulder out trying to dunk a basketball and I twisted my ankle (very minor mind you) walking across multiple trampolines. I put that down to my extreme eagerness to bounce though :)

Trampoline star jump compilation: Jasmine, Ari, Phoenix, Anf and Linda.

Bounce consists of a free jumping area with about thirty trampolines, two trampoline dodge ball courts, fancy performance trampolines that project you higher for flips and tricks and my favourite, the trampoline runway into a big foam pit. I considered editing out my monstrous cackling at the end of the video but that would have resulted in missing Jazz's jump so I left it in much to my embarrassment. I hate to think why anyone in their right mind would want to make me laugh ever when I sound like a witch on helium lol

Video of Phoenix, Jasmine, Ari and Anf jumping into the foam pit.

Recommendations if you’re considering bouncing:
-       Wear what you would to the gym as you'll work up quite the sweat i.e. loose and comfortable or tight and hugging. I was in a wardrobe nightmare situation with jeans (which unfortunately also had a loose zip.. what a disaster!) and a woolen top.
-          Do not go for a fancy nine course degustation prior to jumping, like my sister and her husband did. Full stomach plus bouncing equals recipe for disaster.
-          Go late as the risk of taking out little kids reduces significantly.

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