Back in the Game

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Following a year of no football (or soccer as we know it), last week Ari finally made his long awaited return to the game and low key debut in Bahrain. Look how excited he is putting on his boots!

Playing with the teachers of the St. Christopher's school, it looked like our champion soccer star was a touch out of form but definitely showed heart and glimpses of his former glory days. Harsh critique but true :) Ari's rubber soled indoor boots were no match for the synthetic surface covered with fine sand which made for a good slip up here and there but thankfully no injuries.

Ari taking a (wayward) crack at goal :)

His follow up game this week resulted in two goals, which I missed because I was doing coffee with another player's WAG... And one pair of loyal, ten year old outdoor boots disintegrated. Looks like someone's getting new boots for Christmas. 

The glitter has finally returned to Ari's eyes and it warms my heart to see him doing something his loves again. Yay!

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  1. Hurry up and come back! I miss soccer!

    ... I mean, I miss you!

    1. Oh the good of days of watching at Action Indoor Sports and playing at Westgate Indoor. How I miss them too :)