The Year in Review

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ari and I celebrated our one year anniversary of first arriving in Bahrain last week with a big, juicy, melt in your mouth steak from the Meat Co.. Some may know this as the Meat & Wine Co. but given our location they don't much advertise the wine part.

During our dinner we reflected upon our time here in the Middle East, we couldn't decide whether it has gone quickly or slowly but rather a combination of both. Though what we did established together is the fact that we'll stick it out for a while longer.

On a semi-towards-unrelated topic, the other day while I was you-tubing I came across the old Qantas choir ad and almost burst into sobbing hysterics. Ari and I are yet to visit those cities that "never close down" but I assure you our sentiments are still very much the same, we still call Australia home...

Missing you all (even the annoying ones) xo Linda

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