Is This Thing On?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ah hem! Welcome back bloggees! Have I got the biggest blogging backlog for your reading pleasure or what?! Well, I suppose I'll let you decide once I actually start posting regularly again and spoiler alert, it ends with Ari and Linda back in Bahrain.

Truth be told I did try to google the correct terminology for a person who reads and/or follows blogs, apparently there is no such word. I thought "bloggees" was the most appropriate for my readership given I am a "blogger" plus it makes you guys sound squishy which is funny :)

Now for the not funny, Ari and I are separated...

By a bridge between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain :( Poor use of paragraphing I know but I needed the suspense factor for emphasis of how sad it is! So let out your collective sympathetic sighs as I spend five days (including my 26th birthday) in a foreign country alone, all by myself. I guess I had to expect that with this great adventure would come days where I would be down in the dumps. Rest assured though, I have Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Il Divo, a selection of rom-coms (mostly with Sandra Bullock) and a jumbo sized tissue box to keep me company. Let the water works begin!On a lighter note though, thanks to everyone who partied, laughed, ate, danced, mojitoed, indoor soccered, drank, gambled, bartokked, beach soccered, fireworked, tequilaed, bbqed and took the time out to have fun with us while we were back in Melbourne. We had an awesome time! Missing you all already... *sniff

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